The phenomenon of deBroglie waves evolved from textbook experiments on the foundations of quantum mechanics to a new kind of optics based on matter waves. Today, this field extends from experiments about the wave-particle dualism and decoherence, over coherent optics, non-linear optics, quantum atom optics and optics in periodic media to precision measurements.  

Tailoring waves of all kind of matter and generation of complex matter-waves promises to perpetuate the fascination of this field over the next decade. This conference aims to bring together high-ranking scientist sharing this fascination and working at the frontiers of matter wave optics. Space will also be allotted to hot and new topics in the field of matter wave optics.

The idea of the conference itself is to create a mix of talks by senior and junior researchers and to maximize the opportunities for discussions and interactions. The posters will be available throughout the conference. There will be a space where the conference participants can sit all night long with refreshments provided.

The summer school is meant to give an introduction to matterwave optics to early PhD students and post-docs. It serves as a preparation to the conference. The summer school combines lectures by renown experts in the field with poster-sessions where the students present their projects to each other.


FOMO was started in 2010 on Crete near Heraklion by Markus Arndt, Hanns‐Christoph Nägerl, Ernst M. Rasel, and Wolf von Klitzing.

past FOMOs: