Lisa Wörner (Speaker at FOMO2021)
FOMO2021 Lecturers,  Lisa Wörner

Lisa Wörner (Speaker at FOMO2021)

Lisa Wörner works at the ZARM – Center for Applied Space Technology and Microgravity, University of Bremen in the Space Technology Group.

is a researcher with interests in different quantum mechanical areas. Her main focus is BECCAL (Bose Einstein Condensate and Cold Atom Laboratory), a joint mission between NASA and DLR to investigate atom optics under microgravity. In this capacity she is striving to advance fundamental quantum physics research in space as well as developing new technologies. This includes the preparation of experiments for extreme environments, tackling open challenges, finding novel solutions, and the ruggedization and miniaturization of setups.

In addition to the research on cold and condensed atoms, she is involved in development of optical clocks and quantum repeaters for space based applications. Lisa has a strong interest in decoherence models and is designing an experiment for investigations on macroscopic molecules.   
She is currently tasked with building the quantum engineering group within the newly founded DLR institute for quantum technologies and leads the efforts on BECCAL. This summer semester she has started lecturing at the University Ulm.