FOMO2022 Speaker (Invited),  Oliver Buchmueller

Oliver Buchmueller

Buchmueller is a Professor of Physics at Imperial College London, a Visiting Professor at Oxford University, a senior member of the CMS Collaboration, and the leading Principal Investigator of the Atom Interferometer Observatory and Network (AION) consortium [AION, JCAP 05 (2020) 011, arXiv:1911.11755] as well as the lead author of the Atomic Experiment for Dark Matter and Gravity Exploration in Space (AEDGE) mission [AEDGE, EPJ Quant. Tec. 7 (2020) 6, EPJ QT, 1908.00802]. He also spearheads the international community building process for Cold Atoms in Space, which brings together representatives of the cold atom, astrophysics, cosmology, fundamental physics, geodesy and earth observation communities [].

Buchmueller’s research interests focus on several of the most intriguing challenges of modern fundamental physics: dark matter and gravitational wave detection and physics processes beyond the standard model in general.

Photo Credits: © CERN