FOMO Accommodation bannera


A guide to on- and off-campus housing options

ICTP visitors have a wide selection of accommodations at their disposal, from a room in one of our on-campus guesthouses to rooms in local hotels.

The ICTP Housing Office assists visitors seeking accommodation in the ICTP guesthouses or off-campus lodging (see information on hotels). The office is in charge of the catering facilities at the ICTP as well as all hospitality arrangements and assistance with finding private accommodation.

The best accommodation for short-term visitors to ICTP are the Galileo and the Adriatico guesthouses.

In accordance with ICTP’s administrative regulations, scientists whose expenses are covered by the ICTP receive priority for accommodation in the guesthouses, particularly when there are several overlapping activities; scientists will be booked with the type of accommodation specified in the invitation letter or in the financial annex.

Accompanying family members can be accommodated in the guesthouses subject to availability. Any extra charges should be settled directly with the guesthouse. In case of unavailability, the Housing Office will help to arrange for accommodation in downtown hotels.

As for eating expenses at ICTP, the present cost of a reduced meal/full meal ranges from Euro 5 to 10; the present cost of breakfast ranges from Euro 2.50 to 5 and is availabe in ICTP’s cafeterias/bars.

Although there are no childcare facilities on-campus, the office can provide information about childcare and schools in Trieste. (Please note, children may not be left unattended on the ICTP premises).

Scientists visiting the Centre at their own expenses can be provided with accommodation in the ICTP guesthouses subject to availability; otherwise, the Housing Office will help to arrange for accommodation in downtown hotels.

In both categories, bookings are not automatic but made only upon receipt of the Accommodation Form duly completed with all the necessary information.

Guesthouses accept payments either in cash (Euro), by Pos or by Credit Card (Cartasi, Mastercard, American Express,Visa, BankAmericard).