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The FOMO2022 Conference will take place 19-23 September 2022.


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A special session in honor of Helmut Rauch

© Nico Einsidler – TU Wien

FOMO 2022 dedicates the 4th conference afternoon (22 September 2022) to the memory of Helmut Rauch and the beginnings of a modern area of matter-wave physics with neutral massive particles. The first plans for FOMO 2020 were drafted already in 2019 and since in that year Helmut Rauch left us after a highly successful life in research and particular matter-waver research the organizational team decided to dedicate a session to his memory. COVID had delayed the realization of this plan, which is now finally put into practice with FOMO 2022.

Helmut Rauch was born 22 January 1939 in Krems, started his studies of physics at the Technical University of Vienna in 1957 and completed them with a PhD in 1965.  Five years later he habilitated in neutron and reactor physics and was already appointed full professor of experimental nuclear physics. His intense scientific life and work resulted in more than 400 scientific publications.

He was the first to realize a full-fledged matter-wave interferometer with neutral particles. The perfect crystal neutron interferometer, first demonstrated together with Wolfgang Treimer and Ulrich Bonse in 1974, became his signature experiment and a paradigm for many matter-wave interferometers with atoms, molecules or antimatter throughout the 50 years to follow. The demonstration of coherent matter-wave beam splitting over 10 cm and large areas surprised colleagues and philosophers already in the early neutron days.

Besides a plethora of experiments in neutron physics, condensed matter-physics and neutron imaging, his work had a special role in quantum optics. He studied a large variety of fundamental quantum phenomena with one of the simplest and therefore cleanest quantum systems. Rauch and colleagues demonstrated that neutrons as fermions need to rotate twice to return to an indistinguishable state. They studied matter-wave dephasing and decoherence, squeezed states, three-partite entanglement in a single quantum system, Bell-states, Kochen-Specker contextuality, or Berry phases – and all of that using individual neutrons that were often so dilute that only a single one would be in the machine at any time.

Helmut Rauch passed away on 2  September 2019, after 80 years  of an outstanding life as a researcher, group leader and research coordinator in very many high-level positions and science political functions. He is remembered as a colleague of vision, integrity and open-mindedness.

FOMO 2022 dedicate an afternoon to talks by former friends and colleagues to honor Helmut Rauch and his pioneering work in matter-wave science.