90 Contributed Talks

July, 21

Session 1) Chair: Ali Lezeik
The role of dispersion forces in matter-wave scattering experiments (Fiedler, Johannes)
Analogue Hawking radiation as a quantum caustic (Farrell, Liam)
Grid-based holograms for matter waves lithography (V Simonsen)
Probing zero-momentum excitations in the stripe phase of a spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensate (Mukhopadhyay, Annesh)
Tornado waves (Brimis,Apostolos)
Session 2) Chair: Benedikt Gerstenecker
Quantum Klystron + levitated atom interferometry (Kolb, M)
Building matter-wave interferometer of Caesium atoms for the ‘g’ measurement (Gulhane, S.)
Bragg-based atom interferometry using overlapped spatial fringes (Ben Aicha, Yosri)
Properties of Raman beamsplitters  (Kristensen, Sofus)
Compact & portable source of ultracold sr atoms (Chung Chuan Hsu)
Session 3) Chair: Satvika Bandarupally
High-mass matter-wave interferometry (Pedalino, Sebastian)
Phase shifts of atom interferometers in curved PPN-spacetimes (Werner, Michael)
Frequency stabilization using Saturation Absorption Spectroscopy (Puthiya Veettil, Vishnupriya)
Resonant transmission in smooth barriers (Gwyn Wilson))
Session 4) Chair: Charu Mishra
Optical Visibility of Graphite (Antony, Vidhu Catherine)
Multifrequency Slower for MOT (He, Yuanlei)
Cavity Enhanced Microscopy (Pareek, Vinay)
Crack formation due to volcanic eruption and measurements of gravity anomaly due to magma-filled dikes (Upasna, Mtech)
Wavefront simulation for a gravimeter (Pesche, Maxime)
Shruti Jain

July, 20

Session 1) Chair: Andrea Richaud
BEC and Bragg diffraction for atom interferometry (Rodzinka, T)
Large momentum transfer atom interferometer using sequential Bragg diffraction (Béguin, Ashley)
Quantum Inertial Navigation System (Abidi, Mouine)
CMOS Atom Chips: A lab on a chip (New, Josh)
Multi-axis quantum sensor for inertial navigation (d’Armagnac)
Session 2) Chair: Partik Chakraborty
Novel Single-Side-Band Stabilization Meth… (Wald, Sebastian)
Mass defect in trapped-ion optical clocks (Martinez, Victor)
Hybridizing-AI-Opto-mechanical resonator(Rajagopalan, Ashwin)
Inertial sensing using an expanding atomic point source (Kang)
Weak values in the study of quantum correlations (Zamora, Santiago)
Session 3) Chair: Joanna Ruhl
Mars, Dark Matter and Everything In-between (Pasatembou, E)
Phase shifts of atom interferometers in PPN (Werner, Michael)
Optimized beam shapes for atom interferometry (Adam Seedat)
VLBAI: Testing Fundamental Physics (Lezeik, Ali)
Wetting-layer states in Semiconductors w. QDs (Eichelmann, Marcel)
Session 4) Chair: Gedimas Elertas
Vibrational Postprocessing Module for a Quantum… (Lopez, Luis)
Design and development of Electronics modules for (Safeer, S.S.)
Controlling multipole moments (Liebmann, Tobias)
Easy setup for observation of two independent lasers interference (Sowa, Piotr)
Gravity-mediated gain of quantum correlations (Kumar, Ankit)

July, 15

Session 1) Chair: Thomas Fernholz
Super- and Sub- radiance (Tzimkas-Dakis, Filippos)
Atom interferometry aboard the ISS (Patrick Boegel)
Atom Interferometry on narrow linewidth transitions(Satvika B))
AION: Cold atom sources for atom interferometry (Coughlan, Abiga)
Session 2) Chair: Alexandre A. C. de Almeida
Distributed Sensing in a Network of MZIs (Malitesta, Marco)
Linear discrete diffractio&self-focusing (Examilioti,Pandora)
Spatial Bloch oscill. of a quantum gas… (Petrucciani Tommaso)
EIT spectroscopy in (so far) warm Rb vapour (Tomasz Krehlik)
Rb-85 Interferometry at University of Liverpool (Ringwood, J)
Session 3) Chair: Sam Hindley
Transfering entanglement from spin to momentum space (Meyer, B.)
Lagrange bracket approach to quantum fluctuations in (Joanna Ruhl)
Quantum advantage with matter-wave solitons (Vanja Dunjko)
Galilean Invariance and Lattice Dynamics (Ome, Md. Kamrul Hoque)
Quantum advantage in precision measurement with matter-wave solitons (Vanja Dunjko)
Session 4) Chair: Charu Mishra
Atom Interferometry for midband GW detection (Chakraborty,Pratik)
Quantum Gravity Sensors (Millen, Nathan)
Tunneling-based gravimetry with matter-waves (Schach, Patrik)
A Feshbach engine on nonlinear coupled density-spin BEC(Li, J)
Towards continuous SR with a hot atomic beam (Francesca Famá)

July, 13

Title and Speaker
Session 1) Chair: Vidhu Catherine Antony
Progress towards the development of a cold atom IMU (Bernard, J)
Self-induced Josephson in a supersolid (Donelli, Beatrice)
Rotation of a dipolar supersolid (Biagioni, Giulio)
Dimensional Crossover in superfluid – supersolid (Antolini, Nicolò)
Session 2) Chair: Alexei Semakin
Combining Bragg and Raman processes for novel interferometry topologies (Hanımeli, Ekim T.)
Correlated forward four-wave mixing signals (de Almeida, Alexandre A. C. )
Properties of electronic currents along DNA fragments through light pumping (Faraji, Elham)

July, 8

Title and Speaker
Session 1) Chair: Vilius Atkocius
Static error compensation for multi-level interacting quantum systems (Delvecchio, Michele)
A Radio-Frequency Dressed Ringtrap for Cold Atom Interferometry (Morrison, Rhys)
Quantum bifurcations in a Bose-Einstein condensate (Denise Kamp)
Caustics versus chaos in a kicked Bose-Einstein condensate (Hainge, Josh)
Session 2) Chair: Jamie Johnson
Design of High Fidelity Quantum Waveguides via Shortcuts To Adiabaticity (Odelli Manuel)
Frequency offset locking (Vyacheslav Li)
Experiments with ultra-cold atomic hydrogen (Aleksei Semakin)
A Position-to-Polarizan converter (Hayat Abbas)
Session 3) Chair: Vinay Pareek
Quantum metrology: from solids to cold atoms (Sinkevičienė, Mažena Mackoit)
Guidance of trapped clock states towards realization of rotation sensor (Mishra, Charu)
Towards the implementation of a Dual Quantum Gravimeter based on 133Cs and 87Rb atoms
(López, Cristian)

July, 6

Tile and Speaker
Session 1) Chair: Jamie Johnson
The MIGA project (Junca Joseph)
Squeezing Momentum States for Atom Interferometry (Assendelft, J)
MAGIS-100 (Sam Hindley)
Vortices with massive cores in a binary mixture of BECs (Richaud, Andrea) 
Session 2) Chair: Vishnupriya Puthiya Veettil
QED tests and fundamental constants from frequency (Alexey Grinin)
Loading and cooling in an optical trap  via hyperfine dark state (Eneriz, Hodei)
MAGIS-100 (Leonie Hawkins)
Ring lattice trap with RF-dressed TAAP (Atkocius, Vilius)
Session 3) Chair: Giannis Drougakis
The MIGA II project(xinhao zou)
Time from Quantum Entanglement (Favalli, Tommaso)
Entanglement certification of many-body systems with quench dynamics (Ricardo Costa de Almeida)
Matter-wave Atomic Gradiometer Interferometric Sensor (MAGIS) (Gedminas Elertas)

July, 1

Atom Interferometer with Tunable Interactions (Gerstenecker, B.)
High-rate navigation with atom interferometers (Tennstedt, B.)