Postdoc Opportunities (Archived)

Research Fellow on the AION Project


Atom interferometry has become a versatile tool for fundamental research and, more recently, has started to move out of the laboratory towards quantum sensing for a wide range of applications. The atom interferometry group at the University of Birmingham is focused on the development of sensors for the measurement of gravity and gravity gradiometry. The group is now seeking candidates to fulfil a key role in the development of a new strontium atom interferometry laboratory for research into techniques to improve large momentum transfer and enable improvements in sensitivity. This is part of the recently funded Atom Interferometry Observatory and Network project (AION), funded within the Quantum Technologies for Fundamental Physics Program. The successful candidate will develop the strontium laboratory and perform research into techniques, including improved atom optic schemes and suppression of wave front aberration, to enable increased fidelity and large momentum transfer. This will include working to get the best from the local team, with opportunities to provide leadership and direction, and interacting with the wider consortium to support delivery of the overall AION project.The successful candidate will be based in the Technology Transfer Centre at Birmingham, and facilitate linkages with the UK Quantum Technology Hub for Sensing and Timing. The group has a strong track record in securing funding, delivering research outputs and career development. The composition of the wider team is diverse, and includes people with a range of expertise across physics and engineering. Our work combines precision metrology with innovation, striving for fast-paced development. We are seeking an individual who is excited by research, and with a keen interest in technology development. We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusivity and fostering an inclusive working culture.We are open to a range of experience levels here, including the opportunity to assist in more senior roles within the consortium. We may have flexibility on the contract length despite this not being mentioned in the advert.