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Master and PhD Studentships at the Vienna Quantum Nanophysics Group

We want you in our team !

If you find yourself in the following list of qualifications, you may want to consider applying for one of the Master or PhD topics listed below. 

  • You are driven by curiosity, the desire to learn and the ambition to explore the unknown ?
  • You love working on experiments at the forefront of research ?
  • You have an experimental background in quantum physics, molecular beam science or physical chemistry.
  • You have a good theory background and you are proud of your study records ?
  • You feel at ease in an interdisciplinary and international team ?
  • You are ambitious and embrace a spirit of collaborative and supportive competitiveness ? 

For information about the project, please see or contact . 
The PhD positions will be filled via theVienna Doctoral School in Physics.

Cold Clusters in Deep UV Light Fields for Quantum Interferometry

We are setting up a new beam line for cold metal clusters, aiming at quantum states of particles the mass range up to 1 MDa. Ths combines the latest advances in cluster science, deep ultra-violet laser physics, mass spectroscopy, matter-wave technologies and quantum optics.

Slow Proteins

Advances in biomolecular quantum optics and analysis will profit from slow and cold proteins. If you are interested in working at the interface between the life sciences, laser physics, quantum optics and mass spectrometry, please contact us for more details.  

LUMI Cluster Interferometry

Quantum interferometry with large metal clusters promises to push the boundaries between quantum experiments and classical phenomena. Long coherence times, large beam separations and high masses will provide an unprecedented sensitivity to still hypothetical non-standard phenomena in physics, while at the same time offering a specific and highly sensitive tool to measure tiny forces.   

Tools for Protein Interferometry

Our group has pioneered universal interferometry, from atoms over fullerenes and hydrocarbons to vitamins, polypeptides and tailored macromolecules. We are advancing on this path to develop tools for the coherent manipulation and quantum interference of proteins.