FOMO2021 Abstracts

Li, Jing — A Feshbach engine on nonlinear coupled density-spin Bose-Einstein condensates

Firstly, I will introduce a thermodynamic cycle using a Bose–Einstein condensate (BEC) with nonlinear interactions as the working medium. Exploiting Feshbach resonances to change the self-interaction strength of the BEC allows one to produce work by expanding and compressing the condensate. Then I investigate the effect of the shortcut to adiabaticity on the efficiency and power output of the engine and show that the tunable nonlinearity strength, modulated by Feshbach resonances, serves as a useful tool to enhance the system’s performance. Furthermore, I would like to explore the thermodynamical characteristics on the coupled density spin BEC driven by the quintic self-attraction in the same- and cross-spin channels. In addition, a novel quantum heat engine might be constructed by time-dependent tuning the strength of spin-orbit coupling and nonlinearity.