FOMO2021 Abstracts,  FOMO2021 Presentations

Hawkins, Leonie — MAGIS-100: 100m atom interferometric quantum sensor


MAGIS-100 is a 100 m scale quantum sensor to be built at Fermilab. It will be the world’s largest atom interferometry experiment and will be used to search for physics beyond the standard model. MAGIS will be composed of multiple atom interferometers spaced across a single baseline to measure a differential phase shift, allowing many of the limiting systematics to drop out.

A novel detection technique known as phase-shear imaging will be employed to allow single-shot imaging. This involves retro-reflecting the final laser pulse of the interferometer sequence to imprint interference fringes across the cloud, allowing single-shot measurements of the phase to be read out.

To determine the optimal operating parameters of the detection system, simulation work models the wavefunction that describes the cloud at the output of the interferometer and includes multiple systematics to reproduce the phase-shear readout. Systematics include the camera parameters (pixel dimensions, noise, etc.), diffusion of the cloud, large momentum transfer, contrast loss and smearing caused by the optics.