FOMO2021 Abstracts,  FOMO2021 Presentations

Gerstenecker, Benedikt — Ultracold Caesium on an Atomchip: An Atom Interferometer with Tunable Interactions

The matter-wave properties of atoms and the macroscopic behavior of Bose-Einstein condensates make interference experiments with ultracold atoms a useful tool for both fundamental research and metrology applications. A unique design allows us to combine the advantages of atomchip technology with the flexibility of optical traps and furthermore the favorable magnetically induced Feshbach resonances in Caesium, which are well-suited for interaction-tuning and therefore enable condensation of this challenging atomic species. The tunability of the atoms’ scattering length and the convenient access to the trap characteristics will give us full control over the crucial parameters, allowing for the simulation of different regimes of two-mode systems as well as for competing with the sensitivity of large interferometric sensors despite a much more compact setup.