FOMO2021 Abstracts

Biagioni, Giulio — Rotation of a dipolar supersolid

Supersolids are a fundamental state of matter in which the same atoms that form a crystalline lattice are also responsible for the coherent flow of mass, typical of superfluids. In 2018, my group realized for the first time a supersolid phase in a quantum gas of strongly dipolar atoms. During the talk, I will focus on our latest work, in which we measure the moment of inertia of the dipolar supersolid [1]. We find that the moment of inertia of the supersolid is lower than the classical value, although the crystalline structure increases the moment of inertia compared to that of a standard superfluid. Our measurement directly demonstrates the superfluid nature of the dipolar supersolid with a rotational experiment and adds the supersolid to the list of superfluid systems with a quenched moment of inertia.