FOMO2021 Abstracts

Bandarupally, Satvika — Atom Interferometry based on narrow linewidth transitions in Sr and Cd

Atom interferometers with their extremely high sensitivity to inertial forces are an excellent method for investigating and understanding gravity and its gradi- ents. Due to the lack of a unified theory which puts the quantum mechanical nature of the world along with gravitational interactions (best explained by gen- eral relativity), studying gravity using quantum mechanical test sources, such as ultra-cold atoms, is an exciting choice for probing physics at this intersec- tion. In this brief talk, I will discuss work towards the realization of novel atom interferometers based upon Sr and Cd atoms, which posses a common electronic structure with two valence electrons, which provides access to narrow linewidth intercombination transitions. For these experiments, a novel high- power, tunable, narrow-linewidth VECSEL source has been developed, which acts as a master source to produce continuous light at either 461 nm or 229 nm, corresponding to the cooling transitions in Sr and Cd atoms, respectively.