The FOMO-Lectures stand in a long tradition of summer schools held as preparation of the FOMO conference. They they were typically held in September, just one week before the conference itself. Unfortunately, due to COVID, the 2020 edition of FOMO (Trieste) was postponed to 2022. However, we recognise the enormous impact of COVID on the education of the new generation of Matterwave Physicists. We decided therefore to hold an online lecture series on Matterwave Interferometry to bridge this gap.

The FOMO-AtomQT lecture series on Matterwave Interferometry aims at training the next generation of theorists and experimentalists working on atom interferometry. The participants will be early PhD students or postdocs joining the field.

The programme of the Lecture Series will progressively lead the participants from the classical basics (Interferometry 1.0) to modern engagement-enhanced systems. (Interferometry 2.0).

The Lectures will be held on Zoom and made available online to the registered participants for a limited amount of time only.

The Lectures are Co-Organized by the AtomQTCOST network


Thomas Fernholz (Nottingham University)
Andrea Trombettoni (SISSA – Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati)
Wolf von Klitzing (IESL-FORTH)


For enquiries please contact fomo2021-registration@matterwaveoptics.eu .