Uros Delic

  • FOMO2022 Invited Talk,  Uros Delic

    Invited Talk: Quantum control of an array of optically levitated nanoparticles

    Uros DelicUniversity of Vienna The field of quantum optomechanics aims to exploit light-matter interaction in order to realize macroscopic quantum states of massive solid-state mechanical objects. Within optomechanics, optically levitated dielectric nanoparticles have emerged as a promising platform for tests of fundamental physics, development of novel sensing techniques or investigation of complex non-equilibrium physics. Optical trapping provides unique possibilities for quantum state preparation, for example through engineering of dynamic and nonlinear optical potentials. I will discuss recent experimental advances in levitated optomechanics, such as the motional quantum ground state preparation [1] and the observation of non-reciprocal optical interactions between two nanoparticles [2]. The rapidly developing control toolbox allows us to…

  • Uros Delic
    FOMO2022 Speaker (Invited),  People of FOMO,  Uros Delic

    Uros Delic

    Uros Delic is a Senior Scientist in the group of Markus Aspelmeyer at the University of Vienna. His PhD research, conducted in the Aspelmeyer group, focused on cavity cooling of optically levitated nanoparticles. He defended his PhD thesis in 2019, for which he has received the Award of Excellence by the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Education. His research accomplishments include the first demonstration of motional quantum ground state cooling of a single nanoparticle and the demonstration of tunable dipole-dipole interactions between two particles. His current research focuses on quantum state engineering in a trap array of levitated particles and its application in quantum sensing and non-equilibrium physics. Photo…