Hélène Perrin

  • FOMO2022 Invited Talk,  Hélène Perrin

    Invited Talk: Superfluid quantum Bose gas on a shell

    Hélène PerrinUniversité Sorbonne, France Quantum gases provide us with a very convenient and widely tunable system for the study of superfluidity. In particular, they can be confined in a large variety of geometries (harmonic traps, optical lattices, box traps, lower dimensional traps…), enabling the study of superfluid dynamics with specific constrains. In this talk I will present the behaviour of a superfluid quantum gas confined at the surface of an ellipsoid: the atoms can move freely in directions parallel to the surface and are strongly confined in the transverse direction. In a first series of experiments, the atoms initially at rest at the bottom of the shell -because of gravity-…

  • FOMO2022 Speaker (Invited),  Hélène Perrin,  People of FOMO

    Hélène Perrin

    Hélène Perrin is a Research Director at CNRS, working at Laser physics laboratory of Université Sorbonne Paris Nord where she leads the BEC group. She is the coordinator of the network Quantum Technologies in Paris Region (QuanTiP). Her research interest concern superfluid dynamics of quantum gases, quantum simulation, low dimensional quantum systems, adiabatic potentials, ring traps and bubble traps. Photo Credits: © Olivier Ezratty