Job Opportunities

  • PhD Opportunities

    2 PhD Studentships in Quantum Matterwave Optics (nanoLace)

    The PhD students will perform their research at IESL-FORTH and be enrolled in the University of Crete. They will receive training from the experienced matterwave group at IESL. At the start they attend one or two dedicated summer schools (Les Houches, FOMO etc) and later on attend one or two international conference per year. Additional skills training (IPR, language etc.). Optional internships in other research groups and major high-tech companies are possible. The salary ranges between 850EU and 1200EU net, depending e.g. on country of origin.

  • PostDoc Opportunties

    PostDoc in Quantum Matterwave Optics on Crete (nanoLace)

    The Project Recent advances in our ability to generate and manipulate quantum-coherent matterwaves is now ushering in a new era of quantum optics, where the roles of matter and light are almost exactly reversed. We are starting to be able to create almost arbitrary matterwave-images, (de)magnify, and project them. We have recently even been able to demonstrate a coherent waveguide for matterwaves (published in Nature). We have recently demonstrated the first matterwave lenses inside matterwave guides. Waveguided Matterwave mirrors and cavities have become reality.   In the nanoLace project, we are going to build a novel type of matterwave lithography experiment, where we will exploit the fact that time-dependent matterwave lenses…