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    2 PhD Studentships in Quantum Matterwave Optics (nanoLace)

    The PhD students will perform their research at IESL-FORTH and be enrolled in the University of Crete. They will receive training from the experienced matterwave group at IESL. At the start they attend one or two dedicated summer schools (Les Houches, FOMO etc) and later on attend one or two international conference per year. Additional skills training (IPR, language etc.). Optional internships in other research groups and major high-tech companies are possible. The salary ranges between 850EU and 1200EU net, depending e.g. on country of origin.

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    Postdoctoral and PhD positions available on Cold Atom Quantum Sensors for Onboard Applications

    Location: Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine, Talence (Bordeaux area, France)  A unique environment for quantum technologies, combining cutting-edge academic research and application-oriented industrial R&D and gathering key players in the field:  LP2N: Academic research lab, specialized in novel atom interferometry techniques iXblue: Industrial company, pioneer in field quantum sensors iXatom: fully integrated joint research lab between LP2N and iXblue  Naquidis: Innovation center for quantum technologies  Many possible projects, ranging from fundamental physics to field applications:  – High flux ultracold atom sources for the next generation of quantum sensors– Miniaturization of multi-axis quantum accelerometer using hybrid atom chips – Multidimensional atom interferometry towards full quantum inertial navigation units – Quantum sensors for Space geodesy – Quantum sensors in microgravity and applications…

  • PhD Opportunities

    Master and PhD Studentships at the Vienna Quantum Nanophysics Group

    We want you in our team ! If you find yourself in the following list of qualifications, you may want to consider applying for one of the Master or PhD topics listed below.  You are driven by curiosity, the desire to learn and the ambition to explore the unknown ? You love working on experiments at the forefront of research ? You have an experimental background in quantum physics, molecular beam science or physical chemistry. You have a good theory background and you are proud of your study records ? You feel at ease in an interdisciplinary and international team ? You are ambitious and embrace a spirit of collaborative and supportive competitiveness ? …