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    In the framework of the agreement signed the International School for Advanced Studies(SISSA), the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste), and Technology Innovation Institute (Abu Dhabi), we announces a selection based on academic qualifications and aninterview for the conferment of three PhD fellowships on Physics andalgorithms for Quantum Technology starting from the academic year 2021/22.  + PhD course in Theory and Numerical Simulation of Condensed Matter 2fellowships+ PhD course in Statistical Physics 1 fellowshipCandidates can participate to the selection for one or both coursesDuration of the programme: 4 yearsSubmission Deadlines for Applications: 06/09/2021 – 13:00 Links:…

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    PhD Position: ULTRACOLD 1D FERMI GASES at the ENS Paris

    A 3 year PhD scholarship and a 2 year postdoc position are open at LKB ENS on the physics of 1D Fermi gases. Quantum physics in lower dimension is strikingly different from its 3D counterparts, and many paradigms governing three-dimensional phenomena fail when the dynamics of particles is confined in one or two dimensions. A celebrated example is the breakdown of Landau’s Fermi liquid model in 1D: while thermodynamical and transport properties of 3D interacting fermionic systems can be captured by assuming that they behave as an ensemble of weakly interacting quasi-particles, the low-lying excitations of one-dimensional systems are governed by collective excitations where density and spin degrees of freedom…

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    PhD Position in Guided Matterwave Interferometry

    Background: In matterwave interferometry, atoms are put into a superposition of two different momentum states. They are then made to travel in two different paths (yes, during part of the interferometry sequence every individual atom is at two distinct places at the same time) before being recombined. Depending on the phase accumulated in the two different paths the atoms end up in two different distinguishable states. The accumulated phase is extremely sensitive to minute entry differences between the two paths travelled, making ultra-sensitive measurements of gravitation, acceleration, or rotation possible. Atoms, however, have the tendency to fall under the influence of earth’s gravitation. This means, that in order to measure at…