Last Update 9/07/18 

FOMO 2018 CONFERENCE: Crete 17.Sept. – 21.Sept. 2018 // SUMMER SCHOOL 10.Sept. - 14.Sept. 2018

Scope of the Summer School

The summer school, will consist of six courses covering the wider area of matter-wave physics. The speakers will be Angelo Bassi, Markus Oberthaler, Dana Anderson, Hendrik Ulbricht, Philippe Bouyer, Nick Robins, and Wolf von Klitzing. The exact course programme will be advertised here soon. Note that the students of the summer school are expected to attend the conference as well.

Location of the School

The Summer School of FOMO 2018 will be in the ancient city of Archanes, close to Heraklion, Crete. Its origins date back more than five millennia to the Minoan period (This is where the pottery used in the labyrinth of Knossos were made).

The village itself is beautifully restored with a lovely central square. There are state of the art conference facilities. Students will be housed in a few small hotels in the village.


Thanks to the co-organisation of the school by AtomQT (a COST network) we will have a number of scholarships available, all given on the basis of excellence with extra funding taken into account. For details on fees etc. see here.

Deadline for applications: 15/7/2018


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